Your next Australasian production made easy.


  • Research

    Whether you’re interested in the filming locations or the cast and crew of Australia and New Zealand, let our experienced producers do any research needed for your next filming project. We would love to be involved from your early bidding stage.

  • Location Scout & Management

    With architectural cityscapes, rural towns, crystal clear waters and all four seasons, Australia and New Zealand offer some of the world’s most varied locations. Our experienced location managers can scout and permit the perfect location for your next shoot in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Casting

    From street casting to negotiations with celebrities, we work with the best casting directors in Australia and New Zealand and cast accordingly to your specific needs.

  • Budgeting and Production Managment

    We facilitate productions of all sizes from commercials, TV, streaming services and film to online content and plate shoots. Let our experienced producers help you with all things production including budgeting and schedule management in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Equipment Rental

    From GoPros to Russian Arms, we can arrange gear of all shapes and sizes. We have experienced drone pilots and underwater photography specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Negotiation of Rights

    Let us negotiate the rights and clearance to any materials that you may need, including but not limited to: an Instagram photo, broadcast TV footage and talent appearance.

  • Translation and interpreting

    Our English / Japanese bilingual producers are experts in the global TV and film industry. With specialised experience in translating briefs and storyboards; and interpreting on-set and in editing suites, our producers will ensure a smooth production from start to finish.

  • Celebrity Care

    Our bilingual producers will ensure your celebrity talent and clients are well taken care of in Australia and New Zealand. We will do the airport transfers, meal arrangements and anything else that they may need to film comfortably in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Booking Local Director, Crew and Post Production

    We have a strong, trusted network of local film crew members. There are excellent directors, directors of photography and VFX production companies in Australia and New Zealand. We can help you arrange any crew that you need for your next shoot.

  • Remote Shooting

  • And More


  • Toyota
  • Agency
    Dentsu Inc.
  • Production Co
    PICT Inc.
  • Director
    Suguru Takeuchi
  • DOP
    Suguru Takeuchi
  • Suntory
  • Agency
  • Production Co
    Dentsu Creative X
  • Director
    Wakana Suzuki
  • DOP
    Andrew Commis ACS
  • Location
    Melbourne Australia
  • SONY
  • Production Co
  • Director
    Shuji Nishikawa
  • DOP
    Hiroyuki Minemura & Pawel Achtel (Underwater)
  • Location
    Vava'u Kingdom of Tonga